Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ocean of sadness - Short real love story (Breakup without my fault)

My name is Rahul & I am from New Delhi India, 
I am in love with a girl for like two years now. I met her when I was in high school. It was love at first sight. I simply couldn't take my eyes off her. But I hid my feelings for her, since she had a BF and they seemed madly in love. But I kept loving her from a distance and after some time I became one of her good friend. Later I found out that she knew that I was in love with her and always liked me but not just on the same level. But that's later to the story. After being friends with her, we used to hang out some times.

Each time I passed with her made me very happy. After few months I found out that she and her boyfriend are fighting constantly. She used to cry a lot for this. I always stayed with her as a good friend and comforted her to my best. And god knows I have never tried to take this as a chance and try to break them apart. One time they had a really big fight over something and after some days they broke up. She got really very upset and cried a lot. After a month when she was finally over him, she proposed me on her own!!! Although it was just a matter of time before I was gonna do it, I just couldn't find the right moment. I immediately shared my feelings for her too. And at last we became a couple. It was all good for almost a year and those were the golden days of my life, but life just doesn't stay on a happy corner. Her old boy friend came back and wanted her in his life back. But she said no. after that she started behaving differently, she doesn't talk too much, doesn't want to return my calls. And one day she came to me and said that she is sorry, she could not carry on what she was doing. It would be wrong for her to be with me, when her heart is thinking of her ex. She said this wouldn't be fair to me. I did not say anything to her, but my whole life broke apart. I don't feel like doing anything now a days. I heard that she and her boyfriend are getting along just fine. And I seem to be floating in the ocean of sadness...