Sunday, September 18, 2016

My Story:- Lucy Jacob - Reply if you can help me

My Name is Lucy Jacob!
5 years ago I met to James, he was all I wanted, I felt in love and I new that he is love of my life...
After 2 years we got married, that time we are the happiest couples in the world, after a year he went to visit his sister in Canada,when he came back he came totally different, I would asked him honey whats wrong but he wouldn't say anything...
After 2 years marriage he disappeared for 2 weeks, I didn't know where he is for 2 weeks, Then he called me from Canada to tell me that he got married, I was shocked,
he divorced me and I didn't knew anything, I remembered once he gave some papers to sign but I didn't pay attention because I had some family problems.
He planed everything for a year. Now after 4 month what he did to me,he contacted me to tell me that he regrets.
I believed him blindly "That was my fault"