Saturday, July 2, 2016

Short but true story of a poor family - Surely will make you cry "Read and share to others"

There was a poor family, with Mom,Dad & three children,

Dad, having cancer and one day he died.
After that neighbors gives them food for 3 days to survive.
But after 3rd day there is no food came to them & that day they all slept with hunger.
Due to hunger / poorness, a kid got ill..
Mother tried to arrange the food but she didn't get any source.
Next day!
the girl children said to mother "Mom, when will brother die??"

Mom: - What??? what are saying and why??
Girl Kid: Mom, If brother will die then we will get food.

The words of little girl pinched to mother like arrows.
but there is no words for replying as her answer!

"Dont waste the food! Give remains to needers! there are lots of poor hands waiting for you as a GOD to feed them"