Friday, June 17, 2016

Small Sad Love Story - Heart inside the jar as a gift - Touchy one

 There was a girl and a boy living in a small town named Dehradun (India). One day the boy proposed the girl. The girl respects his reply and said yes I too love you. Boy always used to say that my heart is always with you. I am living with no heart.
After some days boy said to her girlfriend that I can’t marry you because my parents have good hope on me. I don’t want to lose it. But said we will be friends for ever. Then girl replied that I need you and your family happiness and agreed to be as a friend.
After few months later the boy got married with another girl. After two days of his weddings boy and his wife were looking their gifts. He came across a gift and started crying. The gift was the heart packed in a glass jar with full of blood.
The lid of the jar was attached with a paper written on it ‘Ohh Jaan (honey) you forgot your heart with me, what will you give to your wife”….

That is called “True Love”.