Saturday, May 7, 2016

Story of a street dog - Surely will make you cry

This is a real story of a street dog of New Delhi – India.
I saw a street dog with her 4 puppies near a tea stall; all puppies are so cute and healthy,
She is taking care of her all puppies equally; I named her to “Sheena”
Sheena is a street dog, and having 4 littlie puppies, they all look very happy with their own street life.
I purchased I packet of biscuit and gave to them, 1st they scared, I through a biscuit near to them, then one of them picked and all puppies sign me to give more, I gave them all biscuits.
From that day they always react with me like a owner, they always wait for me to come near to tea stall and give them love & biscuit.
That was touch of heart; I don’t know why I feel happy with them all. I know they all are homeless, they don’t have any owner.

But I was helpless to give them dog home to stay.
When I reach to tea stall all puppies start playing with me, and jump on my feet,  that moment make me emotional.
One day I reached to tea stall and saw there are no one waiting for me, I search them but not found, I feel that someone of my close is misplace, I was very unhappy, I again search them all side, and found a answer which makes my cry forever, that was a heart breaking moment, Sheena was die in a road accident and till she was feeding her puppies till her last breath.
Puppies saw me but no reaction from them to me, they trying to wake up her mother. But that was too late, the tears started flowing from my eyes and I was crying high. (Like a family member died for me)
I called to animal rights helpline number, they reached and picked all puppies with their silent mom and gone.
The puppies are barking from back side of Van like they was calling me to help them, they won’t go.

Please drive safely; this world is not only for humans, animals having same rights to live.