Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sad Short Love Story - Dont do something wrong for yourself due to love

Boy: we need to talk.

Girl: what do you mean?

Boy: well something has come up..

Girl: whats going on. is it bad?

Boy: I'm leaving..

Girl: baby please dont.. i really love you.. plz dont leave me.. i dont understand..

Boy: I'm moving away.. my mother is sending me to boarding school far far away.

Girl: Baby i dont want u to go

Boy:Baby i need to see u tonight.. I am leaving at 1 am. can i meet u now?

Girl: ok i'll sneak out and meet u in the park.

[ they meet at the nearby park and hug eachother. the boy gives the girl a note ]

Girl: [ begins to cry ] I love u!

Boy: baby plz dont cry.. i have to go..

[ girl reads the letter at home ] it says..
" u probably already know that I am leaving.. I knew this would be better if i wrote a letter..
tellin u the truth about how much i care about u..the truth is i never loved u. I hated u so much...
u r my btch and dont u ever forget that. I never cared about u, i never wanted to talk to u n be around u.
U really have no clue how much i hate you!!!
Now that i'm leavin i thought u should know b**ch i hated u. u never did the right thing and u were never there .. i didn't think i could hate some1 like u
I never want to see u for the rest of my life.. I'll never miss kissin u or cuddlin u! I'll never see u and tats a promise! "

[ she finds another piece of paper in her back pocket ]

"baby i hope u find this letter 1st..
hate = love , never = always, b**ch = baby , will not = will.. i thought ur dad would be mad so i switched words.. "

[ girl smiles and switches on TV ]


she turns off the tv n goes to the bathroom. she kills herself cuz she has nothin to live for. he was everything to her!

the next day the phone rang it was him leavin a message sayin he was still alive and not to worry..

I missed my flight cuz i want to see u 1 last time.. hope u r not worried i'm here 2 stay for good! I love you!

[ this is for all young people in love.. dont ever do somethin bad to urself just cuz of love ]