Saturday, March 26, 2016

Real Short Sad Love Story - Religion killed the true love

A Muslim boy saw a Christian girl
She was pretty and the boy lost his heart on her
The boy started approaching her
Boy told her that he is Christian and he is in love with her
She was innocent and she truth him and got involved with him
They were so deep in love
She wanted to marry him but she didn’t knew that the boy is Muslim
She told her parents about him but her parents didn’t agree
So she left the home in the hope that her love will manage her
Then she told this to her love
He said, what you have done?
I am a Muslim I couldn’t marry you
You are my love my first real love but I couldn’t marry you
She cried she shouted she was so exhausted
The love had made her all hopes shattered
Now she had nowhere to go but to suicide
And she did it silently

I don’t know who is in fault here but you can't blame the LOVE

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Saddest Story I have read ever -

I was heading home from my girlfriend’s house and it was taking a while. She lived well south of San Francisco and it was a weekend so the trains weren’t running. Instead you had to go to the station and a take a bus but the bus didn’t stop at every station and I had been at the wrong depot so I had to take a bus just to get to the place where I caught the bus and that bus didn’t come for half an hour so I sat on the long pews with the other passengers and waited for my ride home.

I only saw my girlfriend maybe once a week because she lived so far away and when I saw her I was stuck there for 24 or 16 hours. But maybe stuck isn’t the right word. I was only happy when I was with her but she was so difficult, so intense, that once a week seemed like enough. It took me the rest of the time to recover. And often, after seeing her, I would lie in bed the whole next day, only getting up to eat, constantly hungry. It was like I had climbed a mountain or been beaten up.