Tuesday, November 3, 2015

True Love Never Dies - Real Story of my teacher

This story was told by my friend Anita her aunt is our science teacher and also principal,
She’s a nice lady around 58 years fair and tall very polite.
It all started when she was 24 years old finished her teaching course and got posted as teacher there she met Srinivas a co-worker and also her senior, they never really talked before 34 years they were no cell phone and guys can’t call or can talk directly with girl … even though they communicated through eye’s..
Slowly they exchanged letters but never met in private..
All went good for 19 months. Finally they decided to convince elders.  They decided to got married, and its sudden he got transferred to other place just before 2 months left to get married life, There he met with an accident and die without seeing her in last moment, She lost him forever ,  
 She believe not even death can make them apart as if she wait for the time to meet him in other world.  She did not have married, adopted a child well raised, so that her emptiness will ends.
Now a days even with lot of communication chatting dating where’s the understanding trust loyalty  I really feel without communication or like basic interaction they were soul mate. Not all are lucky.
Still she has lots of memories, tears & wet eyes to live her hard life,
It’s true we cannot forget anyone to till our last breath if we did true love with that person.
Hope you all liked my teacher story I’ll keep posting will be back with another true stor.

Story Sent By: Lucky_Varsha
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