Saturday, May 2, 2015

Real Sad Love Story of Austin Bertrand - A reader of

When I was 19 I fell in love with a girl not in the traditional boy meets girl and they fall in love. She was dating my brother when we met, she was beautiful and I never could take my eyes off her. But I knew it was wrong, but one day my brother and her had gotten in a big fight. She called me to come pick her up, so I did. We drove to my place were she laid in my arms and cried. It was like the words just fell out of my mouth I said "I would never treat you like that" she looked at me with them big brown eyes and kissed me, I kissed her back knowing I shouldn't but how I longed for that kiss and every instance of it made me feel like I was floating threw space. After she pulled back I said I was sorry, she said "no I'm sorry I've wanted to do that for so long but was
so scared of what would happen".

A month went by and me and her were seeing each other in secret because we knew people would be upset at the thought of it. One day I just said screw it, my mother was having a family dinner and I knew my brother would be there so we showed up. I told him to come to the back yard and talk to me he was furious at first but could see that I truelly loved her and said "just be happy." So we announced to everyone we were dating.

Six months later I had talked with my mother and she gave me her engagement ring, I told her I have never been happier in my life then with this girl. The next day I took her to the lake we would always sit and watch the sunset together at, I asked her if she loved me and she said more then life its self. I got done on one knee and asked her to marry me, she screamed with joy and said YES!

Two months later she graduated high school and she said we should go stay with her mother a state below us. I agreed her mother was going to help me get a job and all. So we packed up all of are stuff and left early morning. We were about an hour into the drive when the ember from her cigarette fell between her legs, we both were trying to get it before it burned her and when I looked up we were going off the road I yelled baby and she whipped the wheel we spun three times and then flipped 6 and landed on the other side of the high way. When I woke up in the hospital an hours later I was screaming were is she at and let me see her! A doctor came in and told me that she had broken her neck in the accident and passed moments after we arrived at the hospital, he told me that she just kept asking for me the whole time.

Never forget any moment because you never know when those moments could end.
by ~A.B.