Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Sana" please come back to complete my love story - I miss you

Hi, my name is Aarav, from Jammu & Kashmir (India)
It was 18th december 2012. I was in my school there was a new girl admitted in our school named Sana. That was her first day at school when i saw her first i just like eyes her hairs everything. On next day talk to her and she talked with me so gently i like the she talked with me.
I feel something in my heart for her. But slowly-slowly i fall in love with her I proposed her on 23rd of Dec. She said me yes. On that i was so happy i feel that i have won the world . the day after propose i was just staring at her all the time m she came near me and kissed that was my first kiss . I just love that ,the days are going and I was happy on 25 Jan. I again kiss her she didn't say anything to me than after that i didn't go to school. On 5th march 2013 i again go to school she said hello to me but i didn't replied . she thought that i was angry to her but i was not i was just getting shy to talk with her of all. I didn't talk to her for a month and don't even look at her. She got angry with me when i came to know this i go to her and said sorry for all that mess i have done. She forgive me now this i continuously talk to her but the summer vacation had came I say good bye to her. After holiday when I go to school she didn't attend the school . i thought she was ill thats why she didn't attend the school but she was gone from my city my school and from my life, I dont have her any contact number / address, I dont have her any sign or any things, I have just her memories for my whole life & lots of tears for her. I really loving her from core of my heart, and always waiting for her, Sana "Please come back"..
My love is still in-completed..

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