Saturday, January 3, 2015

Real friends always cares - Real Story of Kharon

My name is "Kharon" from California, I am just 14 years old.
That was a great time when I got a friend “Gerson” in my school, he is quite popular within our school during that time. We were the good friends. He always care about me, and always helped me for any kind of situation / problems. I spend more of my time with him and we enjoyed lots of fun.
One night I received a texed from him then we started gossip on texted but I felt he is not responding well and talking with me as a like formalities.

Day after day his behavior getting changed for me, he gossip with his friends about me and laugh at me whenever I pass through them.
Its really difficult for me to hide my pain and sadness of losing my best friend. Its really hurts so much when your best friend just drop you there without any warning.
I was walking middle of night on darkness street tears are still flowing though my cheeks and showing my pain about my alone ness. Sudden I saw a bright shining light coming inside me and a speedy car hit me, when I woke up I was already in a Hospital.
A guy smiled and said”
“Thank God you are okey!! Does it hurts somewhere?? Are you hungry?”
Me: No I am fine, I am just wondering why am I here?
He: My Dad got hit you by our car as we drive our way home.
(He introduce me himself that he is Garrett and so as what I did)
That became the begging of a very true friendship.
He was the only who cared me so much, he was with me in hospital till doctor advises.
He came to meet me daily basis and we build a great friendship. Dont know hows he know about my pain and sadness., He always ready to fight for me.
One day we were eating in restaurant sudden a hand waving into me and guy says Hello, its seems we knew each other before, but really don’t know him. He went in front of me and told that he was “Mark Gerson” he told me tha we’re friends and we spend so much time blah.. blah.. blah...., I refused a plenty of times but he did’nt stop, Garrett noticed how this guy is stressing and he pushed him out of our way and warn him never come back...
(That time Mark Gerson has no friends longer even his family also refused him due to his pride attitude. He cried alot front of me because he’s alone. He regret everything he did to me in the past, though nothing good happens to him.)
Its true who never cared about you and hurts you, one day he become realize and face the same situation he has done before.