Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Black Jacket - Sad Real Love Story

This is a true story which was told by a friend of mine who was 5 years older to me. He said that it happened in the year 2005 when i was still in class 10.

He told me his friend whose name is Gareth was very happy with his girl friend Lisa. They would always spent time after class in a golf field near by. Every day Gareth would tell him new things about what they did, how they spend their day.
He told told him he was in love with her and wanted to tell her when the time was right. He kept on waiting for the right time but, never got the opportunity to tell her.

By the time he gathered enough courage it was too late, a letter came from the university he applied for long time back and he had to leave the next day. He wanted to tell her that he had to go but never got the chance to meet her. At the time both of them did not have a cell phone so, he had to leave without telling her.

One year has passed and he came back home. He was very excited to meet Lisa. He waited outside her college but she never came. So he tried calling her on her land line phone at home and it was a surprise because she was the one who picked it up. At first, she was angry with him that he didn't tell her but later they were both laughing and chatting on the phone for a long time. Gareth wanted to see her so he asked if she could meet him the next day in the place where they use to hang out.

The next day she came, it was cold that day and a bit foggy too. But she was not wearing a sweater instead she came in a white dress but as Gareth told my friend she was looking like an angel. The whole day has passed and they still had so much to tell each other so, he again ask if she could come tomorrow but she did not say anything instead she gave him a smile as if she got what she wanted. He gave her his black jacket as it was getting really cold. They both walked home and he dropped her near her house. They both said good bye and left.

The next day he was waiting for her in the same place but, she never came. He waited the whole day and was getting worried as it was getting dark. She couldn't wait any more so he decided to go to her house and look for her. When he reached her place he met her mother who was sitting outside. He asked her where Lisa was and her mother was surprised and couldn't say a word. She then started crying. Lisa's sister came out and was trying to console her mother. When she took her inside she came back and spoke to Gareth. She Told him that Lisa died 11 months back. He thought that she was joking and started laughing he did not believe her. He told her that he met her yesterday how can that be possible???. She was shocked she said how can that be possible???. She then told him that she died of cancer, which she never told him about. Even after trying to explain he still could not believe her. So she took him to Lisa's grave to prove to him that she was dead.

When they both reached there Gareth was shock to see his black jacket hanging on the side of the cross on Lisa's grave. He started crying and told her sister that he gave his jacket to her yesterday.......