Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Short Real Love Story of Santosh & Neha - Sad Ends

Hi friends I am Santosh, Today I am sharing with you my real love story, I was unaware that one day my life will forward me to take help of alcohol to forget my pain & sad memory.
Friends, In this life someone achieved their true love and remains did only time pass, I did true love with someone, her name was Neha, she was queen of beauty, I loved her alot and she was also.

She was an orphan, I did everything for her even completed her all wishes, I left my all habits which hurts her. I left my parents for get her love, That was awesome moment I had with her. our relationship goes to 2-3 years,
Sudden she trying to ignore me, her phone going to busy, her behave like rudely and she start to doing fight with me for miner mistakes.
One day I saw her with new boy, She was happy, she was enjoying her new life with new boy friend, Tears flows down to my eyes..
Still I dont know, whats the lack between my love to her.
I Still loves her, and always loving the same, she was mine, she is mine..
Now I dont have anything except tears & pain.
Neha, I am yours and I will be yours forever. please come back......