Thursday, January 2, 2014

I still love her.. but she is unaware

(Sad Story sent by our one reader: Shaheer Gulzar)

I love her a lot at the bottom of my heart.. she knew about it bt she cant b with me. at every moment of my life i think of her, i want to make her happy. but every time when do anything special for her .... she just say its bcoz of u have a reason n mean to it.. she is with someone else but still i cant stop to think about her n cant stop to loving her... even i m talking to everyone about her only.. she is in contact with me but only as a best friend. at every moment she talks about her partner with me and i cant say her that please dont do this i feel bad.. :( but i just listen to her as a friend n want to make her happy. .... she never ever think about me....:""( i dont know how to stop these all but still i love her)