Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Real Love Story

From the first day that I am layed my eyes apoun her. I knew she was the one. From the endless night and the dreamfull days. All i could do is think about her. I didn't know how love feels until i met her. She showed me the light, she showed me her love, she showed me my future. And today its all gone. Looking at her for the last time in my life. Feelings rush in my heart for her more stronger. Knowing she belongs to someone else. I just couldn't do anything. I couldn't touch her lips. OH GOD Its hurts so bad.

When i met her again for the final time. I huged her so hard. Kissing her forhead. As i took her hand to the car. I couldn't stop looking at her. Closing her eyes as I place my love gift on her neck and Kissed the Pendant in the name of GOD. As we go to the movies hand in hand. Looking at her knowing shes my frist life. But also knowing shes someone else. God it hurts so bad.

When i left her at the airport, All i can do was cry. Looking at her for the final time in my life. Hurted me more and more. she huged me so hard that i felt she had the same feelings. But i knew she was just looking for my happiness.

I know she will be mine in heaven. And i shall wait for her. I promis I will wait for her.

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