Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sad Love Story Breakups – Learn From Them

Are you in your own sad love story? Did you just have a bad breakup? How did it happen? At first you were crazy in love and then bam! What can you do to stop breaking up? Will you ever find the one you are meant to be with forever? True love exists and you will find him or her one day. Stay encouraged and positive that you will have a happy love story. This sad love story will pass and you will find your happily ever after. Learn a little more about how you can find your true love.
Learn from the breakup. In order to stop breaking up with people, you need to learn from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, no one is perfect. And that is a good thing! I would not want to live up to someone who is perfect…hehe. Look at yourself and how you can improve. I think everybody can always improve themselves. Know that it is a process. Don’t beat yourself up. Love yourself more and love others more. Learn from your mistakes and them move on. Don’t dwell on this one sad love story in your life, for there will be many more happy love stories to come.
Communications is key to a healthy happy love story. Many people breakup and they don’t know why. It may be, because they didn’t communicate to their partner well. Remember, no one can read minds. Tell you lover how you feel. In relationships talk about where you see yourself in the future. Know the other person’s values. Talk about family, kids, religion, politics, and money… I know they say you are not suppose to talk about these topics, but it is very important when you are spending the rest of your lives together. If you don’t share the same values, it can be very difficult to stay together. Make sure that you will have a wonderful love story that will last, not a sad love story.

Many people breakup, because they fight too much. Try to control your emotions and actions more. Yes, it is hard, but you do have self-control. Let your partner win the fight sometimes, just to find the peace. Think before you speak. Don’t let him frustrated or anger you so much, try to maintain a peaceful state of mind. Don’t complain about him. Look for the good things that he does. Most men display their love through their actions, not words. So watch what he does with a loving eye. Try to have a more peaceful loving mind. Think loving happy thoughts, not bad ones. Turn that sad love story into a happily ever after.
When you do fight, forgive easily. Yes, you may not want to forgive him. It can be really hard to forgive, but holding in that grudge can damage the relationship. Forgiving your partner can also be good for you. Holding a grudge damages your soul and happiness. Forgive him easily and be happy. Even if it is his fault, be the better person and forgive him anyway, and then he will probably ask for your forgiveness as well. Forgive the sad love story fights, and feel the weight lifted off of your shoulders.
Trust That You Will Not Have a Sad Love Story
Trust your lover more. Tell your partner how you feel. When you hold things back, they may not trust you and it also means that you do not trust them. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, then it will fail. Open your heart all the way, don’t hold anything back. Don’t be afraid to love, because true love is worth it. If you get hurt, move on and love with all your heart some more. Believe in true love and know that you can have a happily ever after in your very own love story.
Another way to stop breaking up is by giving more compliments and respect. Everybody loves to hear sweet love phrases whispered in the ear. Giving someone a compliment, makes them more happy, which will make you more happy. Try to give your partner one truthful loving compliment everyday. Think about them more, ask them questions about their day, and really listen to them. Don’t make conversations all about you, all of the time. Look for ways to make them happy. Romance them, and wine and dine them more. You could even write some short love poems for them. Go ahead and give it a shot, it is always the thought that counts. Make your own love story last, don‘t make a sad love story.
You can stop breaking up. Believe in true love. Don’t settle for anybody less than the best. No one is perfect, but there is someone perfect for you. Keep searching. Stay positive and happy. Learn from past breakups and move on. Trust more, forgive easily, give out love words, control your emotions, and communicate. Know that you don’t have to live in a sad love story, hold out for your happily ever after. 

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