Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reasons People Relate To A Sad Love Story

Why is it that most human beings can relate to a sad love story? Well, there are many reasons, of course, but here are just a few for you to mull over:
It can be easily said that most humans crave love. People are born to give and receive love, and in fact, love is said to be the emotion responsible for most of the things that people do and say. And, unless you are one of those rare people who don’t feel anything at all, you can probably relate to needing the connection in your life, as well.
Most people can easily relate to a sad romantic story that was supposed to last forever, but it didn’t, instead it ended badly. Most of us have experienced the same type of heartbreak others experience, at least once in our lives, if not more. So when a person hears about a tragic ending to a love story – or sees a sad love movie – she automatically makes a connection with the person, or actor, she most relates to in regard to her own experience. This also helps a person see that broken hearts are common to most, and helps her to realize she is not alone, she hasn’t been singled out for punishment. Bad things happen to us all, we just have to keep moving on. Have hope that one day your story will have a happily ever after.
Misery Loves Company with a Sad Love Story
A heartbreaking love story can opens a person’s eyes to see that she’s in “good” company when she watches another go through something she has gone through in her own life, especially if the other person’s circumstances are worse than her own were. This may seem like a cruel and cold-hearted way for someone to make a connection, but in essence, it helps that person to laugh it off and stop feeling bad about her own life, as she now learns to count her blessings. Life is too short to feel sad for very long. Think about all the good relationships you will have in the future. Think about how you are a stronger person. Know that good will come of this.
A perfect love life all the time makes for boring conversation. It’s also a fact that if all the love relationships in the world went off without a hitch, no one would ever want to hear about them – or pay to watch movies about them, either. However, those love affairs that turn out to be train-wrecks are fascinating to everyone – especially if the storyline has to do with love that has become suddenly “unrequited” for no apparent reason, or those in which a third party has become involved. And, look at it this way – without sad love stories, which turn sour, there would be no more need for those popular sad love songs that are such a hit with most people.
So now you know a few of the reasons most people can relate to a sad love story. Whether or not they have noble intentions of being sympathetic by their interest, the fact remains that sadness in love seems to hold a strong attraction for the masses. Many people use them as a great way to cope over their own relationship breakups. They can be a good way to let it all out and then to get your mind off of yourself. There is always someone who had worse relationship stories than you. Love is hard to find, but if it wasn’t, life might be too boring. So lets be happy regardless of what happens and know that one day we will find true love. 

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