Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sad Story of Baba

Baba Pandey, who was born on 1989, has hidden love story behind. Baba Pandey fell in love when he was 12 years old with the girl in photo above. She was of equal age to Baba. Baba says when he saw the girl first time he wished to be her friend and play together with her. Baba was in village area and the old minded society wouldn’t let a girl and boy play together. Baba was one of the victim of this old minded society.

Later, when Baba turned 16 years old, he fell in deep love with the girl. But Baba was unable to propose her because he had ego inside him. This led him towards dark path. He left his study and drank Alcohol few times. After knowing that Baba is drinking Alcohol, the girl asked about the reason of drinking as she had already heard through some sources that Baba loves her. Baba told her that yes its true that i love you. She smiled and then went towards her home after that.( In the village if young boy are together then people will start talking various things so these lovers were unable to talk much.) Baba was much happy on the day he exposed his feeling. After few hours Baba got a love letter from her. One of his friend dropped the letter. She had asked Questions like ” there are many girls, why do you choose me ? If i had known it before i wouldn’t have let you drink alcohol. etc… ( I will request Baba to post all love letters and photo Next Time) The day was one of the happiest day of Baba.

Then after, the Love Story Began. These couples were often together and they didn’t care about the society. They didn’t care what people were talking about them. However, the girl’s family was objective somehow but not completely because Baba was one of the best guy in village. Days were passing nicely, years also passed. They were in deep love. Especially Baba was in deep love rather than the girl. Unfortunately, girl used to be happy with other guys in absence of Baba. When friend’s told about the matter then Baba really became sad. So, he started caring about her habit even more. He often started hearing that she has affair with many other boys. This made him follow her even more. Some days he saw her with other boys and then again started drinking Alcohol. But, one day she talked with Baba and made clear they were just rumor only. The boy with whom Baba saw her was her brother. Again Baba became happy. Such process was going on.

Special Information : Baba Received 17 Love Letters from the girl and he sent 15 letters to her.

When Baba completed his school, he had to leave to City For Higher Study but the girl would study in village. So, the time of tragedy neared. This made Baba very sad. He had no other option. He went to INDIA -Bangalore to Study. there used to be phone calls often between these couples. Days were passing hardly for Baba and he returned back to Nepal because he was unable to forget her and wanted to see her. However, there was no possibility of going back to village so stayed in City Area and Joined a college. No much calls were made these days by her. Baba was hearing about her affair with other guys often. So, he was too sad and couldn’t study nicely.

On valentine Day 2007 a incident took place which totally turned their love story. Baba phoned to her but her brother, who was bit villain, picked up the phone. He threatened Baba and beat his sister. After that Baba tried four times to phone her but she says now everything is end between us. Baba never phoned again due to his ago but was eagerly waiting for her phone.

Special Information : From FEB 15th Till today Baba Never phoned her and he says he still loves her.

After 5 months she ran away with one boy and became mother after 7 months. Means when she ran away with the boy she was pregnant. Baba’s father told this news first time to Baba and Baba was not socked because he had imagined this could happen because of her past behavior. After the incident Baba sisn’t care about anything for few months. After that he became bold and decided to build career in field of Computer and IT. He is currently running a web service company + Educational Consultancy jointly with his father.